We look forward to meeting you at your first visit to our office.  At that time, we will acquaint you with the office - where to sign-in, where to brush your teeth and where you may have x-rays taken at a future visit. You will then meet with Dr. Brady.  At the first visit, Dr. Brady will just be looking at your teeth and will review them with you. If he feels you may benefit from orthodontic treatment of some kind you will be scheduled for a RECORDS appointment.  If you are not ready for any treatment yet, you will be put on RECALL.
Pre-treatment recall is a system devised to computer track younger patients in Dr. Brady's practice. When to start orthodontic treatment is very dependent on timing.  To this end, after your first exam, we will keep track of your child on our computer system and notify you when it is time to return for periodic check-ups.  There is no charge for this service.  The only time you will be charged is if x-rays or other diagnostic information is needed.

This program allows you to come to our offices on a regular basis for continuous evaluation of your orthodontic needs.  Dr. Brady determines the intervals and we send you a postcard to remind you when it is time to come back for evaluation.  Intervals can be from three months to one year.

When your child is not yet ready to start treatment, Dr. Brady will suggest the next time he thinks your child will benefit from being examined.

The ultimate objective, if orthodontic treatment is in fact needed, is to time initiation of treatment.  This will (1) reduce the overall time in braces, and (2) avoid extractions if possible.

With younger children, the intervals between visits are usually 9 months.  As the critical time approaches, then the intervals are closer.  No two patients are the same.  Kids grow at different rates and get their permanent teeth at different times.  There is no set age to start orthodontic treatment under our system.  Mother Nature will tell us when to start, and as we all know, Mother Nature is never wrong!

When trying to decide exactly what problems will be faced to correct an orthodontic problem, we need information to make decisions.  We get that information by taking diagnostic records: (recording of information about each patient using various methods such as x-rays and photographs).

Generally we schedule this appointment for 45-60 minutes.  There is no need for an adult to remain with a child at the records appointment.  All the procedures are very easy and we try to make this initiation to the office fun for all concerned.  So, what specifically is going to be done?

PANORAMIC X-RAY: a picture of the entire upper and lower jaw and is taken to view  the teeth, roots, nerve positions, jaw structures, joints, and locate missing or misplaced teeth.  This x-ray is used for determining large feature problems, not to look for cavities.

CEPHALOMETRIC X-RAY: a full side view of the head used to determine the growth of the upper and lower jaw and how it affects the face.  

Prior to the x-rays, all earrings and necklaces must be removed.

IMPRESSIONS:  elastic copies of the teeth are used to construct digital models.  These models are used to make measurements that help determine space requirements for alignment and to help both the patient and/or parents to visualize what is wrong with the teeth.

PHOTOS:  5 pictures of the teeth taken from various angles and 3 pictures of the face that are taken with a digital camera and used for diagnostic purposes.

CLINICAL DATA:  written details on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), on how far the teeth protrude, habits like a tongue thrust, or a hundred other variables which need to be noted to make a treatment plan.

We will process all the records appointment information and Dr. Brady will develop a Treatment Plan and decide what needs to be done.

A consultation appointment will be scheduled to discuss this treatment plan with you.  Moms and dads should plan on being at this appointment.

To print our new patient information forms to complete and bring to your first appointment click on the links below.
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